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BbWorld & DevCon 2018
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225221 - Registration and Information Desk Open (Monday) Your one stop shop for any BbWorld info or questions. 12 H Registration
225083 - DevCon Breakfast (Monday) Start your day off right with breakfast before sessions begin. 1 H Meal
152990 - DevCon 2018 Opening Keynote Blackbord's Chief Product Officer Tim Tomlinson kicks off DevCon 2018 with a look at the past year and highlights to look forward to in the coming year. This is a must-see for all attendees! 1 Hour Lecture Timothy Tomlinson - Chief Product Officer, Blackboard
157956 - DevCon: Secure Coding of REST APIs Learn secure coding practices for building REST APIs, based on the OWASP Top 10 with a focus on third-party/partner developers integrating with Blackboard public REST APIs. 50 Minutes Lecture Karen Hartman - Staff Security Engineer, Blackboard
158064 - DevCon: Tapping into the Caliper Event Stream In 2015, Blackboard became the first LMS to be certified as Caliper 1.0 compliant for exchanging learning activity data. Learn how to tap into the Caliper Event Stream from Learn and set up an Event Store. 50 Minutes Lecture Daniel Knight - Senior Software Engineer, Blackboard
159320 - DevCon: Cooking Up Data REST-ipes with BbQL Pssst! ...Do you *ENJOY* REST-ing? ...Do you *ENJOY* cooking up data queries? ...Did you know you *CAN* teach an old API NEW tricks? ...YOU WILL!!! Join us, as we get our hands messy cooking up some BbQL and unleash the power of the Blackboard REST API with GraphQL! This workshop will primarily focus on maximizing the power of the Blackboard REST API through a locally developed tool: BbQL - An Express/NodeJS/GraphQL Application written in Typescript. Basic understanding of & familiarity with using the Blackboard REST API & handling/reading JSON Responses Familiarity with JavaScript/Typescript helps - Everyone is welcome! We will be reviewing lots of code and a crude web app that accepts GraphQL queries and returns JSON responses from a Managed Hosting Blackboard instance. What to bring to this workshop: - Laptop with the following installed: Node v10.5.0 MongoDb shell v3.4.11 50 Minutes Workshop Michael Bechtel - LMS Specialist, Indian River State College
Jonathan Hart - Web Developer II, Indian River State College
180373 - DevCon: Introduction to Blackboard Attendance Functionality This presentation takes a closer look at implementing the new Blackboard attendance feature. Participants will learn about the underlying architecture, how it is integrated into several products and how it serves as a model for future shared services spanning the portfolio of Blackboard products. 50 Minutes Lecture Reinhold Staudinger - Chief Architect, Blackboard
225095 - DevCon Morning Break (Monday) Grab a refreshment in the foyer before your next session. 20 Minutes Meal
157106 - DevCon: Building Integrations with Blackboard Learn and LTI and REST Learn how to develop a learning tool from scratch that uses IMS Global Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) and public REST API and integrate that with Blackboard Learn. Learn to use the specifications and new security model that are part of LTI Advantage: Core LTI, Names and Roles, Deep Linking, Assignment and Grades, and Gradebook Message. 50 Minutes Workshop Eric Preston - Staff Software Engineer, Blackboard
159945 - DevCon: REST Applications - Best Practices and Experiences At Purdue, REST APIs are used for both internal and third-party vendor applications. Internally they are used for syncing data between SIS and Blackboard Learn. Externally, they perform data exchanges with a few third-party vendors. Hear about lessons learned while creating REST applications, such as unexpected user record updates, managing daily API call limitation, and how to handle exceptions during REST API calls. In addition, best practices for handling token expiration and creating a wrapper around REST APIs will be discussed. 50 Minutes Lecture Geoff Crego - Programmer Analyst, Purdue University
Leo Smith - Senior Application Systems Analyst, Purdue University
160772 - DevCon: Playing Nice with PowerShell and the Learn REST API Microsoft Powershell can now be deployed across a wide range of server environment allowing code to be easily shared across multiple platforms. This presentation will focus on examples of using PowerShell to interact with the Learn REST API. Attendees will learn how to setup authentication in PowerShell, make calls, and process results using POSH. There will be examples of many common use cases including: account creation and update, course creation, content creation, and gradebook polling to name a few. 50 Minutes Lecture Michael Buchanon - Senior Manager of Learning Applications, Collegis Education
161586 - DevCon: University of Phoenix - Caliper and LIS Integration with Blackboard University of Phoenix students, faculty, and staff use the Blackboard Learn for class delivery. This usage creates academic activity events. Caliper receiver receives these messages as Caliper events and they are published to UOP systems for further processing. LIS integration consists of multiple services like person, membership and course section services that will interact with UOP Student Information System(SIS) and keep the student/course/person data up to date in Blackboard Learn. 50 Minutes Lecture John Wiseman - Principal Consultant, Blackboard
Sriram Kalakoti - Senior software engineering Manager, University Of Phoenix
225106 - DevCon Lunch (Monday) Take a break (and a bite) for lunch before continuing afternoon sessions. 70 Minutes Meal
162528 - DevCon: The Death of Liberal Arts (and Why We Need to Save Them) Liberal arts, humanities, and critical thinking subjects are dying in education. WHY? Today, so much emphasis is put on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) in education, but that is excluding a critical part of learning! Join me as I dive into why defunding these areas is detrimental to the automation/testing field. Let’s explore the most utilized skills essential to my career in technology, all a result of my Liberal Arts background. How can we apply these skills to our teams? What do we do when someone doesn’t have that background? Let’s take a look at how the humanities can help shape the future of tech. Don’t let Liberal Arts die - embrace them, and see the value it adds to your team. 1 Hour Lecture Ashley Hunsberger - Sr Staff Quality Assurance
158390 - DevCon: Collaborate Ultra MCU: What is WebRTC? Join Blackboard Collaborate Ultra's media team to learn about what WebRTC is, how it works and how it enables Collaborate Ultra to deliver a top-notch media experience in the web browser with no plugins required. The connection pathway, ICE negotiation, STUN/TURN setups for firewall traversal, and how permissions and access work in the browser will all be discussed. Also revealed will be improving the experience via proprietary MCU technology to deliver the best experience under a wide variety of network conditions. 50 Minutes Lecture Anneke Bates - Sr. Product Manager, Blackboard
Gavin Llewellyn - Staff Software Engineer, Blackboard
Derek Mooney - Senior Director, Collaborate, Blackboard
Robert Jongbloed - Staff Software Engineer, Blackboard, Inc
160413 - DevCon: Localization and Accessibility - What You Need to Know Although they may seem different on the surface, there are many similarities between what developers need to know to support both localized and accessible content. This lecture will describe where the cross-overs occur and how IT professionals can improve in both areas with less effort. 50 Minutes Lecture Mike Ni - Localization Manager, Blackboard
162580 - DevCon: REST Roundtable Blackboard’s REST API was released two years ago, and now they have moved past being the new integration method, to a useful, mature, hardened set of endpoints. As Developers begin the quest to migration of existing integrations and the development of new ones, the Knights of the REST Round Table are here to help. Have a dragon of a question or a detracting army preparing to attack your castle walls? Bring us your questions, and let the experts slay the beasts and destroy the barriers in your way to fully embracing the REST API Framework. 50 Minutes Panel Dylan Havard - Software Engineer, Blackboard
Scott Hurrey - Staff Software Engineer R&D User Experience, Blackboard
Russell Scheerer - Staff Software Engineer
Ryan Haber - API Ambassador / Senior Content Designer, Blackboard
Mark O’Neil - Director, Product Management, Platform and APIs, Blackboard, Inc.
230982 - DevCon: Amazon Sumerian and Amazon Cloud 9 Amazon Sumerian lets you create and run virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 3D applications quickly and easily without requiring any specialized programming or 3D graphics expertise. With Sumerian, you can build highly immersive and interactive scenes that run on popular hardware such as Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Google Daydream, and Lenovo Mirage as well as Android and iOS mobile devices. Sumerian makes it easy to create all the building blocks needed to build highly immersive and interactive 3D experiences including adding objects (e.g. characters, furniture, and landscape), and designing, animating, and scripting environments. AWS Cloud9 is a cloud-based integrated development environment (IDE) that lets you write, run, and debug your code with just a browser. Cloud9 comes prepackaged with essential tools for popular programming languages, including JavaScript, Python, PHP, and more, so you don’t need to install files or configure your development machine to start new projects. With Cloud9, you can quickly share your development environment with your team, enabling you to pair program and track each other's inputs in real time. 50 Minutes Lecture Leo Zhadanovsky - Principal Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
Lenworth Henry - Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services
225113 - DevCon Afternoon Break (Monday) Grab a refreshment in the foyer before your next session. 20 Minutes Meal
156425 - DevCon: Common Mistakes Developers Make When Coding for Accessibility Last year, the focus was common accessibility coding mistakes using ARIA and advanced HTML. This topic will be expanded recognizing that these mistakes can have a huge impact on assistive technologies. This session will cover three important areas: 1. Improper nesting of HTML controls 2. Invalid use of aria-hidden 3. Data tables 50 Minutes Lecture Heidi Jungel - Accessibility Engineer, Blackboard Inc.
159139 - DevCon: Public REST API practical demonstration - Alexa: The Blackboard Assistant This session will demonstrate how to leverage the Blackboard public REST APIs to create an Amazon Alexa skill. Included will be simple course and calendar access, along with dynamic Bell Curve generation to be rendered in the Alexa app. The talk will also cover the creation of a custom LTI integration. 50 Minutes Lecture Russell Scheerer - Staff Software Engineer
Dylan Havard - Software Engineer, Blackboard
161484 - DevCon: Easing Migration Tension with an Effective SaaS Testing Plan This informative lecture demonstrates the technical aspects of the process Gannon University, in tandem with Blackboard Technical Project Management, followed to successfully transition from Managed Hosting (MH) to the Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment option in less than 60 days. Attendees will learn from LMS Administrators and Director of CETL what technical considerations (front-end and back-end) should be addressed in a migration to SaaS. This includes identifying testing needs, recommended participants, and responsibilities; mapping key processes; and coordinating events for limited disruption. Discussions and examples include integration of resources and pre- and post-testing. These actions lead to a stress-free and timely launch into SaaS. Attendees will walk away with a testing checklist, that can be modified for their implementations. This checklist addresses the skills and people needed for each stage of testing and serves as a solid foundation for attendees to effectively test their own project. Potential door prizes! 50 Minutes Lecture Brian McIntyre - LMS Administrator and IT Specialist, Gannon University
Catherine Datte - Director, CETL, Gannon University
230983 - DevCon: Building AI/ML Solutions on AWS Whether you’re just getting started with AI or you’re a deep learning expert, this session will provide a meaningful overview of how to get started with Artificial Intelligence on the AWS Cloud. In particular, we will explore AWS cloud-native machine learning and deep learning technologies that address a range of different use cases and needs. These include AWS Lex, which provides natural language understanding (NLU) and automatic speech recognition (ASR); Amazon Rekognition, which provides visual search and image recognition capabilities; Amazon Polly for text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities; and Amazon Machine Learning tools. 50 Minutes Lecture Balaji Iyer - Global Business Development Manager, Amazon Web Services
156423 - DevCon: Motivating Developers to Build Accessible Technology: A Three-Part Solution Most engineers are already motivated to build the best technology they can. Most want to build systems and technology that people love to use. The challenge is that many of them are lacking the context to understand how their innovative solutions exclude significant portions of the population who have physical or cognitive challenges. In this session, we will discuss ways we have motivated developers to build inclusive applications. 50 Minutes Lecture Elizabeth Simister - Product Accessibility Manager, Blackboard
157282 - DevCon: Overview of Extending Learn Ultra Blackboard partners have been able to create Building Blocks for Blackboard Learn Original for years. These Building Blocks have extended the Learn platform in many creative ways. Now Learn Ultra has a corresponding framework! In this lecture, the team actively developing this new platform will show and discuss the current features as well as future opportunities. 50 Minutes Lecture Duane Musser - Mgr. Software Engineer, Blackboard
158389 - DevCon: Collaborate Ultra: Architectural Overview Get an inside look into Blackboard Collaborate Ultra's architecture, including how Blackboard uses microservices to deliver core functionality, how session-servers and MCUs interact with the system, and how Collaborate is utilizing the latest in open standards and AWS services to move the platform forward to deliver the best conferencing solution for education. 50 Minutes Lecture Derek Mooney - Senior Director, Collaborate, Blackboard
225134 - DevCon Client Party DevCon Super Heroes Unite! Unwind with your peers and toast to a succesful first day. 3 Hours Reception
225299 - Registration and Information Desk Open (Tuesday) Your one stop shop for any BbWorld info or questions. 12 H Registration
225135 - DevCon Breakfast (Tuesday) Start your day off right with breakfast before sessions begin. 1 H Meal
156424 - DevCon: Extending Learn Ultra - Embedded Content Blackboard partners have had access to create Building Blocks for Blackboard Learn Original for years. These Building Blocks have extended the Learn platform in many creative ways. Now Learn Ultra has a corresponding framework! In this workshop, learn from the developers actively expanding the Ultra Platform to provide extension points to our partners. The presenters will cover the basics of building a single page application interface (SPA), compiling and packaging the content, and deploying it to Bb Learn as an entry point for content authoring. We dig code! In this workshop we'll walk you through steps needed to create a Single Page Application utilizing the Giphy API to inject animated gifs directly into the Learn Ultra content editor. Having an understanding of the basics of front-end web development will yield the best results. We will utilize NPM and several JavaScript libraries to build this application. We want to get your hands dirty but feel free to be a spectator. What to bring to this workshop: - Laptop with WiFi - WebStorm, Visual Studio Code, Atom, or other Editor of choice - NPM 6+ - Git - Chrome or equivalent Web Browser 50 Minutes Workshop Zachary Anselm - Indiana, Blackboard
Duane Musser - Mgr. Software Engineer, Blackboard
156434 - DevCon: Continuous Testing at Blackboard Blackboard follows the Continuous Testing approach in building the Continuous Delivery model. In this session, learn the testing and automation practices, the current set of lessons learned, and the direction headed in the development area. 50 Minutes Lecture Bob Small - Senior Test Automation Engineer, Blackboard
158313 - DevCon: The Service Oriented Learn Performance Test Infrastructure & Practice In this session, we will start with Blackboard Learn Ultra performance test challenges we currently have, followed by introducing performance test framework overview. Then we'll guide you through several areas including: - How to automate having a test site provisioned. - How to do customer behavior and course data analysis. - How to run performance test and analyze results in Cloud. 50 Minutes Lecture Ling Liu - Mgr. Software Engineer, Blackboard
Roger Lin - Staff Software Engineer, Blackboard
Richard Li - Senior Software Engineer, Blackboard
159903 - DevCon: Building Learning Tools for Blackboard Using the Tsugi Application Environment This presentation introduces users to the free and open source Learning Application development environment available at Blackboard supports the IMS Learning Tools Interoperability and Content Item specifications to allow the integration of external tools. External tools can provide functionality not present in Learn or Moodle like a course map tool, or social grading system, or a YouTube viewer with analytics. Learn to build auto-graders that make online classes both more interesting and effective. Imagine being able to easily develop an interactive system like Pearson's MyMathLab for your course and field? Tsugi provides a set of libraries that allow writing learning applications without any need to read an LMS integration specification. Tsugi also provides a hosting environment that is as easy to deploy as WordPress and allows institutions to host tools and provide an "App Store" of available tools to their users. 50 Minutes Lecture Charles Severance - Michigan, University of Michigan
195381 - Complimentary K-12 Workshop: Reenergizing Your Current Blackboard Adoption (Kickstart / Restart / Your Digital Learning 2.0 Strategy) K-12 attendees have access to this complimentary workshop taking place Tuesday, July 17 before BbWorld officially kicks off in the afternoon. What can you do to support your school administrators and teachers in moving forward with your adoption? How do you get traction in maximizing connections to your school/district goals? Attendees will take part in lively discussions and activities aimed at maximizing and strengthening digital learning adoption. Please join us to discover strategies and resources on: - Assessing your current Adoption - Leveraging Your Own Strengths - Targeting Professional Development - Modeling Effective Digital Leadership - Staying Informed of Critical Data Components 3 Hours Workshop Christopher O'Neal - K12
194527 - Paid Preconference: Introduction to Ally and Accessibility (Tuesday) Blackboard is an industry leader in raising awareness of the need for accessibility in web-based materials, and in providing solutions that make it easier for instructors and designers to employ the principles of universal design in their course development. Blackboard Ally is a cross-platform software that helps remediate inaccessible content and inform content creators about ways to improve accessibility of their materials. Participants in this hands-on workshop will learn fundamental principles of universal design and will use the feedback provided by Blackboard Ally to increase the accessibility of the documents and multimedia they upload to their courses. Participants should bring their own laptop or tablet with word-processing capability. Note that this course does not require/assume usage of Blackboard LMS technology. The principles learned are universal, and the Ally software can be used with Learn, Canvas, and Moodle. Who should attend: Instructors and Course Designers. Registration fee: $375 2.5 Hours Preconference Jeffrey Geronimo - Principal Consultant
158312 - DevCon: Security Test Automation in the SDLC (SSDLC) This presentation will cover the foundation of security test automation strategies as well as implementing these strategies through every phase of the software development lifecycle to identify security flaws at the earliest stages of software development. Learn how to achieve security implementation in the SDLC through integration with continuous integration. 50 Minutes Lecture William Salem - Sr. Security Engineer, Blackboard, Inc
160598 - DevCon: Taking a Blackboard Learn REST Application from Development to Secure Cloud Deployment Building fast, highly-available, applications using Learn REST APIs, Elixir, and the Phoenix framework was demonstrated last year. This year learn how to take REST applications from the development environment into the cloud. Using phoenixDSK, the port of the York Data Source Key Tool that was covered last year, as the example. Because limiting who makes changes to the REST application on the Learn server is important, learn how to secure the application using an authentication mechanism, either basic-authentication, or three-legged OAuth. A demonstration of setting up a one-click deploy from the GitHub repository into the Heroku cloud will be included. 50 Minutes Lecture Mark Kauffman - Partner Software Engineer, Blackboard Inc
162611 - DevCon: Python Programming for Blackboard Learn System Administrators Blackboard Learn system administration can be tedious and repetitive at times. This talk will give an overview of how Python can be used to automate tasks, reporting, and even give Blackboard administrators abilities that they otherwise would not have. Learning resources for the novice programmer will be covered and working examples of Python scripts will be shared and explained. 50 Minutes Lecture Michael Bechtel - LMS Specialist, Indian River State College
Brett Stephens - Systems Analyst, University of Miami
175367 - DevCon: Learn Data Pipeline: a New Way for Analytics in Learn This presentation will introduce the new data pipeline feature available for Blackboard Learn SaaS clients. Also discussed will be the underlying architecture, how it should be implemented, an introduction to details about the underlying data lake architecture, and client considerations in preparation for adopting this new feature. 50 Minutes Lecture Reinhold Staudinger - Chief Architect, Blackboard
225136 - DevCon Morning Break (Tuesday) Grab a refreshment in the foyer before your next session. 20 Minutes Meal
157289 - DevCon: A11y, L10n & Security: How Blackboard's Developer Training Program Spreads Critical Knowledge Learn how Blackboard's product development staff created a Subject Matter Expert (SME) training program to spread knowledge about critical areas like Accessibility, Security and Localization. Staff will explain how small groups were mobilized to engage developers to infiltrate the organization with best practices to improve product quality and the user experience. Training plans and courses will be shared enabling participants to utilize materials in building SME programs at their institution, for developers, instructors or other audiences. 50 Minutes Panel Elizabeth Simister - Product Accessibility Manager, Blackboard
Karen Hartman - Staff Security Engineer, Blackboard
Mike Ni - Localization Manager, Blackboard
158314 - DevCon: Building a Security Test Lab This session will focus on the methodology to building a test lab for security testing. Industry standard automation tools for using "infrastructure as code" to build and deploy testable systems will also be explored 50 Minutes Lecture William Salem - Sr. Security Engineer, Blackboard, Inc
159629 - DevCon: Do-It-Yourself Integration of Custom Learning Tools with Blackboard Gradebook Adding interactive elements to course content is becoming increasingly important with the growing interest in hands-on experiential learning. Blackboard provides many functionalities that engage students, including a broad range of integrated assessment options. Faculty and students are developing innovative web-based interactive laboratories and simulations, often with instantaneous automatic feedback and grading. While Blackboard provides several options for adding these learning activities to course pages, connecting to the course gradebook for grade/status reporting is more challenging due to the complexity of integration standards and limited user access. To provide a scalable solution to these challenges, a simple "do-it-yourself" service that connects to the Blackboard LTI tool, and enables a simple way to send grading information from multiple custom learning tools back to the Blackboard gradebook, was developed. The approach, plus a live step-by-step demonstration of a web-based laboratory with automatic grading, and code samples will be covered. 50 Minutes Lecture Yuvaraj Gunasekaran - Educational Technologies & Innovation Engineer, Boston University Metropolitan College
Leo Burstein - Director Educational Technology Innovation, Boston University
159905 - DevCon: Installing and Using the Tsugi Application Development Environment This presentation takes new developers through the process of installing the Tsugi learning application development environment and through the first Tsugi learning application. The developer tutorial materials for Tsugi are available for free at Tsugi is free and open source, greatly simplifying building tools that comply with IMS Learning Tools Interoperability (1.1, 2.0, and ... ) and IMS Deep Linking / Content Item. External tools can provide functionality not present in Learn or Moodle like a course map tool, or social grading system, or a YouTube viewer with analytics. Tsugi also provides a hosting environment that is as easy to deploy as WordPress and allows institutions to host tools and provide an "App Store" of available tools to their users. There is also a free cloud-based Tsugi App Store that provides scalable hosting for open source Tsugi applications at 50 Minutes Workshop Charles Severance - Michigan, University of Michigan
225138 - DevCon Lunch (Tuesday) Take a break (and a bite) for lunch before continuing afternoon sessions. 1 H Meal
162529 - DevCon: Q&A Blackboard Product Leadership Team We will close DevCon with a candid Q&A with Blackboard's Chief Product Officer, his Senior Leadership Team, and select other Blackboarders. This is your chance to ask questions and address concerns directly with the folks that build the products you rely on. 80 minutes Panel Timothy Tomlinson - Chief Product Officer, Blackboard
155278 - Using BlackBoard to Automate Assessment: Concepts and Applications Accountability is a theme that echoes throughout education. Reporting of outcomes is often derived from assessment data. Educational institutions are required to report measurement of student learning internally and also to outside to entities such as accreditation agencies. Classroom faculty are experts in their field, but may need educational knowledge and training to correctly collect and report assessment data. Experienced faculty may not be familiar with Blackboard's ability to automate much of this task. This presentation will provide attendees with an opportunity to experience assessment concepts and practical information to apply them. Generating data on learning outcomes and the benefits for instructors and students will be discussed. This informative session is appropriate for non-educators working in instructional environments, as well as seasoned educators who would like to get started using assessment features in BlackBoard. 50 Minutes Lecture Ileana Carillo - Assistant Professor, Lehman College - City University of New York
157409 - Adapt Learn Automatically with Template Variables This presentation covers a unified course design featuring techniques for automatically hiding or displaying content based on the course ID using template variables, CSS and JavaScript injection. The technique allows the use of the same course seamlessly in both fully online and blended delivery modes, automatically hiding or displaying content for different formats. This method does not require administrator access and allows for experimentation without affecting other courses. A demonstration on how to hide or display content at various levels, from pages to sections, to individual characters; how to get syllabi to display different (or no) due dates to different audiences; and how to make this work with content that appears outside of the Learn frame, such as concatenated module pages. The advantages and disadvantages of working with different kinds of course copies and linked HTML pages, the basics of JavaScript injection, and where to store elements for the greatest flexibility will all be explained. 50 Minutes Lecture Andrew Abrahamson - Educational Technologies Engineer, Boston University
Dan Hillman - Associate Director of Instructional Design, Boston University
159430 - Slow Your Roll: A System-wide Migration towards Inclusive Learning Environments Join this session to discover how starting with a simple approach has led the movement toward more inclusive learning environments for 22 TCSG (Technical College System of Georgia) colleges. From system-wide initiatives to individual college strategies, you’ll uncover what it really takes to implement accessibility plans at all levels. We’ll discuss the particulars of college communications and events, as well as system and college accessibility training developed as a method of inspiring faculty and staff to create more inclusive course environments. Migrations can be challenging and utilizing available resources well is one aspect of a successful movement. Learn how the decision to integrate Ally system-wide has encouraged faculty to develop and update course materials while providing an overall accessibility score for the institution. This session will also examine the efforts and achievements of colleges with the top Ally scores within the 22 college system. Come join us as we share our story of migrating towards more inclusive learning environments for our students. 50 Minutes Lecture Pamela Warren - Director, Technical College System of Georgia
Nikki Stubbs - Educational Technology Coordinator, Technical College System of Georgia
159623 - Mission Possible: Planning a Stress-Free Migration to SaaS This session will share UMBC's migration to SaaS, including its initial transition from a fourteen-year, aging, self-hosted arrangement to Blackboard's managed hosting environment. A well-organized and systematic approach to migrating to SaaS enabled UMBC to minimize errors. Presenters will review effective project planning and communication strategies, support and outreach tips, technical challenges, and customized integrations as well as best practices, pitfalls, and lessons learned. 50 Minutes Lecture Mariann Hawken - eLearning Coordinator, UMBC
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